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Help: Placing An Order: How to Place an Order

We have refined our ordering process to make placing orders easier and faster. When you place your first order with Iconofile, you'll use our system to enter your information and create your Account. When you return to the site, you'll be able to use this information without re-entering every time for faster service. And every purchase you make is backed by Iconofile's Safe Shopping Guarantee so you never have to worry.

How to Place an Order -- New Customers


How to Place an Order -- Returning Customers


General Information

How to change your checkout settings
How to cancel or change your order
How to order items with different available-to-ship dates
Forget your password?

How to Place an Order -- New Customers

Placing your first order with Iconofile is easy. Just follow these steps to order any of our products online:

1. Click on any item you'd like to buy. You can click on an item's picture or descriptive link. You'll be taken to that item's Product Page. On the Product Page, you'll see a detailed description of that item.

2. Click Add to Cart to add that item to your Shopping Cart. You will see a pop up window acknowledging your order. Continue shopping if you want to buy more than one item, or click Go to Checkout in Your Shopping Cart, or the Cart symbol on the top of any page to complete your order.

4. In your Shopping Cart you'll see the items you've added along with the total price and the amount you save by shopping with Iconofile. At this point you have several options:

  • If you want to change the Quantity of any item in your shopping cart, use the Quantity box to change the quantity and then click the button Recalculate Your Order.

  • If you want to remove an item, click the Delete button next to that item.

5. Click Checkout Now when you're ready to place your order and you'll be taken to the Customer Information Page (Step 1). On this page you will be asked to fill in information, such as your Billing Information.

6. Next on this page provide your Shipping Information, if different from your billing information, and choose a Shipping Method.

7. Here we also offer you several ways to pay. Select a Payment Method and enter any Special Instructions you wish us to follow for your order. Finally, you will be asked to provide a password. This allows us to complete your order and save your information for future orders.

8. Click Continue Checkout and you'll be taken to the Payment Information Page (Step 2) to verify the total order amount and enter any required information to complete the order.

9. Click Send My Order for the last step (Step 3) to complete your order and you'll be taken to our Thank You Page. You'll find a summary of your order, and receive a confirmation email with your order number for your records.

How to Place an Order -- Returning Customers

Returning customers find that ordering is even simpler with our checkout system. If you have logged in to our checkout system, the Customer Information conveniently displays your previous billing and shipping information so that you can make changes or add new information. If you have not logged into our checkout system, the Customer Information page will display a customer login at the top of the page. This allows you to login so that the Customer Information page will conveniently display your previous billing and shipping information. Once you are at this page, you follow the same steps as new customers described above.

General Information

How to Change Your Checkout Settings

When you make a purchase on Iconofile, we create your Checkout Settings automatically from the billing, shipping and payment information you provide. To change your settings, follow these easy steps:

1. Click on the Customer Login button at the top of Customer Information page.
2. Make changes to your information or enter your new information.
3. Click Continue Checkout to save your changes.

Your account will be updated automatically so you can start shopping with your new settings right away!

How to Cancel or Change Your Order

To cancel or change your order, simply wait for your Confirmation Email. Once you have received your Confirmation Email, you can call 1-707-459-9990 (in the United States or +1-707-459-9990 outside the U.S.) or email to change or cancel your order. If you change or cancel your order by email, make sure to include your name, email address, order number and the product you want to cancel in the email.

How to Order Items with Different Available-to-Ship Times

If you buy items with different available-to-ship times -- for example a 2-to-3-day delivery title along with a title that may take 3 to 5 weeks -- you will have two options:

1. Hold to Complete -- Click this to hold shipment of your order until it is complete. This option helps you to minimize shipping costs by holding the shipment of your order until all items become available. Please note that 24-hour delivery titles and 2-to-3-day delivery titles ship together.

2. Ship as Available -- Select this to have your items shipped as they become available. When you choose this option, your items will ship as soon as each becomes available and you will pay the shipping costs for each package. We make every effort to combine shipments so you receive your order as quickly as possible while minimizing shipping charges. Please note that in California, the final shipping amount may increase the tax charged for the order. All out-of-print books, Prints and Posters and gift certificates are shipped as available; if your order includes an out-of-print book and an available book, your order will automatically ship as available.

If You Forget Your Password

We ask all of our customers to supply a password when they create an account. If you ever forget your password, just call 1-707-459-9990, tell us your name and email address, and we'll provide you with your password; or click here to have us email your password to you.

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