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Multimedia CD-ROM: Yaroslavl Icon Painting

Multimedia CD-ROM

Yaroslavl  Icon Painting


Multimedia CD-ROM: Yaroslavl Icon Painting
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by Yaroslavl State University

English Version

The multimedia disc Yaroslavl Icon Painting gives a unique opportunity to get acquainted with the artworks of Yaroslavl, Russia church painting of the past eight centuries. The CD-ROM contains images from the collections of the Yaroslavl Art Museum and Yaroslavl Museum -- Preserve of History and Architecture, and compiled by the Faculty of History of Yaroslavl State University.

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Yaroslavl Icon Painting, DVD

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Content Description

Details of Icon Painting

Yaroslavl Icon Painting includes descriptions of more than 200 icons and 150 close-up views. Icons and details of each century can be viewed with music accompaniment and multimedia lectures. Each icon is accompanied by a concise description, audio narration about the icon, large color image and comprehensive historical and technical information. Pictured above is an example of the detailed information you will find for all icons in the CD-ROM.

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Comprehensive Search System Makes Finding Icons Easy

One of the distinctive features offered by Yaroslavl Icon Painting is its flexible icon search system according to specific attributes: name, literary source of the subject, time of creation, artist and patron. The system makes it easy to find icons according to both a specific attribute or a combination of attributes.

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Customer Reviews

So many icons of such good quality and so easy to access!
Reviewer: Nancy Jackson
This was my first response to Yaroslavl Icon Painting. Not being very knowledgeable about how CD-ROMs are made and what they are capable of, I was delighted by the friendly structure and easy navigation of this one. The video introduction is surprising and beautiful. At its close, I was directed immediately to a navigation panel that looks like ornately carved wood. This was warm and inviting, very different from the cool hi-tech feel of much of my computer screens. After a quick look around this wooden navigation panel, I was able to see that one of the many ways icons are organized is by century. This is very helpful as I study different iconographic approaches in different centuries. There seem to be unlimited ways to search for icons too, even unusual ways I had not thought of, but which I see can be extremely helpful.

In addition, there are many details of the icons on this CD-ROM. Icons are so rich in imagery and often much is not visible in reproductions. The details shown here, while not covering every inch of each icon, are very exciting and useful. I return to this disc over and over, learning something new each time.

I enjoy the slide show feature also. Sometimes, when tired of other computer work, I will slip the disk in, set the slide show going and simply take a moment for contemplation. This is a wonderful way to unwind and center myself on God, and it is so easy.

I would like to minimize this software in order to access my desktop and other programs while using it at the same time. This does not seem possible with this CD-ROM. This is the only critique I have of this product, and it is a very small one when considered against the richness of the icons shown. I recommend Yaroslavl Icon Painting very highly to anyone interested in a very enjoyable and education tour of hundreds of ancient and beautiful Russian icons. I am convinced I will never learn everything from this rich source.

Reviewer: Zara Altair
I have been using your wonderful Yaroslavl Icon Painting CD to meditate, gather ideas, study colors, etc. Thank you for your wonderful work.

System Requirements

  • Operating System: Microsoft Windows 95, 98, NT4 (SP3), 2000

  • CPU: Intel Pentium 166 MHz or higher processor

  • Memory: 24 MB RAM (minimum) 32 MB (preferable)

  • CD-ROM: 4X CD-ROM drive or faster

  • Sound: Microsoft compatible 16-bit sound card

  • Graphics: PCI/AGP display adapter with 1MB video memory or better

  • Display: Resolution 800X600 pixels with High Color (65,536 colors) or higher

  • Microsoft Mouse or compatible device

  • Microsoft Windows Media Player v.6.4 or later (If this component is not installed, the setup program will install this software.)

  • Codec Intel Indeo v.5.11 or later (If this component is not installed, the setup program will install this software.)

  • Microsoft DirectX (We recommend version 6.1 or later. If this component is not installed, the setup program will install this software.)

Produced by

2000 Yaroslavl State University
Yaroslavl Regional Center of New Information Technologies

Materials from Collections of

2000 Yaroslavl Art Museum
2000 Yaroslavl Museum -- Preserve of History and Architecture

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