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Featured Books

Iconofile featured books are books only available from Iconofile to customers in the Americas, Western Europe, Africa and Asia. We offer them specifically because they are books of great interest to icon painters, artists, art students and historians, and icon lovers.

For the Iconophile

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Solovetsky Iconostasis

Icons from the iconostasis of the Solovestky Monastery founded in the 15th century by the Russian saint-monks, Zosimah and Sabbatius. This book is devoted to the description and analysis of this rare example of Novgorodian- influenced Northern Russian icon painting. Russian text accompanied by English text. The excellent reproductions and slipcase make this a fine addition to any iconophile's library.

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Art of the Icons

Art of the Icon

A summa on beauty by the noted Orthodox theologian, this book presents the biblical and patristic vision of beauty, and applies it to contemporary movements in art. Evdokimov writes a theology of the icon from a personal point of view and in the context of the Orthodox Church. Includes commentaries on 10 icons -- from Rublev's Holy Trinity to the Novgorodian Angel.

See Art of the Icon

Pattern Books for Icon Painters

Russian Icon Design Vol I Russian Icon Design Vol II

2 Volume Russian Icon Pattern Book

Edited by a Russian scholar, these two volumes contain 500 drawings collected from archives in Russia to comprise one of the largest collections of icon prorisi and perevody -- imprints and transfers. These high-quality drawings meticulously reproduce the outlines of canonical icon compositions.

See Russian Icon Designs

Iconographer's Patternbook

Iconographer's Pattern Book

Over 700 drawings of Saints and Feast Days of the Orthodox Church to use as prototypes for painting full-color icons. Based upon the Stroganov Family's Icon Painter's Handbook from 16th century originals.

See Iconographer's Patternbook

For All Artists

Artists' Pigments

Artists' Pigments

Harley's book is a detailed and comprehensive examination of the primary documentary sources between the late 16th and early 19th centuries, providing an invaluable complement to the work of those concerned with the identification of pigments. A must have for the artist or conservator interested in historical pigments.

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Looking Through Paintings

Looking Through Paintings

This lavishly illustrated book presents many articles, provided by scholars in this field, dealing with various aspects of technical art history. Focusing on different periods and works, the articles illuminate the role that the study of painting techniques and materials can have within art historical research.

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