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Gessoed Birch Panel (8 x 10 in.)

Item No: 925:BP0810
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Overall Size: 8 x 10 x in. (21 x 25 x 2 cm)
Material: Baltic Birch plywood
Finish: Gesso
Recessed: No (kovcheg)
Braces (Keys): No

Birch panels can make your work easier and save you money. Birch panels are used by professional painters, but are ideal for student work. You do not have to buy expensive solid wood boards for your painting, you can use Birch panels from Natural Pigments.

Birch panels are different from other boards. They are not made from a single piece of wood, but from high quality Baltic Birch plywood. The structure of Birch plywood is laminated sheets of wood, so it avoids deformation and warping common with solid wood panels, and it is lighter in weight. Birch plywood allows you to make paintings in nearly any shape and size--there are practically no constraints.

Rublev Birch panels are made from hand-selected, inch Baltic Birch plywood. The panels are cut, chamfers are made on all four edges of the face and entirely machine-sanded for a smooth final finish. Rublev Birch panels are ready for painting.

Finished Rublev Birch boards are ready for painting. Each board is finished by hand according to traditional methods of preparing chalk grounds (called also gesso) for the permanent application of paint. The panel is saturated with two coats of hot rabbit skin glue, which penetrates into the fibers of the wood. A piece of linen cloth cut slightly larger than the panel itself is saturated with the hot glue, applied to the panel and allowed to dry. The dried, linen-covered panel is then sized with two more coats of the hot glue, to which has been added a small amount of powered chalk. After drying overnight, the panel is ready for applying with coats of gesso, a white, plaster-like preparation made of chalk, marble dust and rabbit skin glue. The gesso, when gently heated has the consistency of heavy cream, and when applied in thin layers, dries to a hard, permanent surface. The first few coats are applied and rubbed into the linen by hand. After each layer is applied it is scraped by hand and smoothed. More thin coats of gesso follow, one after another, until a total of 8 to 10 thin coats of gesso are applied, making an extremely durable and smooth surface.

If you need custom dimensions or shapes, we can provide you with quote simply by inquiring.

Panel Dimensions

Panel Dimensions
A Width 8 in. 20 cm
B Length 10 in. 25 cm
C Thickness 0.625 in. 1.6 cm

Availability: Usually ships within 24 hours.

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