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Rabbit Skin Glue [1 lb. bag] (454 g)

Item No: 510:12GLU002
Category: none-4

Price:  $12.50

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NEW LOW PRICE! This is a high grade glue made in the U.S. of pure rabbit collagen. It is a fine mesh granular glue that is easy to dissolve in water. The high-quality grade means that it is the lightest in color and most translucsent glue available. This makes it ideal for use in gesso and as a medium for distemper painting.

Stronger than most modern adhesives, rabbit skin glue is used in traditional woodworking and painting technique. First soaked in water and then heated in a water bath, it is applied warm, and gels when left to cool. In woodworking, rabbit skin glue's solubility in water makes it reversible, while its "open time" allows for repositioning. In painting technique, it is used both as a size for canvas and boards, in recipes to make traditional gesso, and in distemper paints. Animal glues vary in strength, but rabbit skin glue usually offers the highest strength, viscosity and elasticity. True rabbit skin glue tends to gel at lower temperatures, making it easier to use in gesso applications. Otherwise, glue made from cow or rabbit collagen are comparable. Always make the minimum concentration required; as a guide, a set jelly should be somewhere between hard set and liquid. For a canvas or panel size, try 40 grams of rabbit skin glue for every quart of water. For distemper paints, 60 grams for every quart. As an adhesive, check the consistency by dipping a piece of wood into the glue pot. If the glue runs off smoothly, you've got it right. If it is too thick, add a little water. Use the glue hot.

Bloom: 450 - 480 grams
The bloom measurement refers to the elasticity of a gelatinous mass. The higher the number the greater the elasticity.
Viscosity: 140 - 160 millipascal seconds
The millipascal seconds is a measurement of viscosity which is measured by the flow velocity of the glue solution through a funnel.

Glue Size Recipe

50 grams rabbit skin glue (dry)
1 liter water
5 grams alum

  • Prepare rabbit skin glue by soaking 50 grams of rabbit skin glue in 800 ml of water for approximately 2 hours. You can also leave it overnight.
  • Add 5 grams of alum to 200 ml of water and let it dissolve. Add the alum solution to the warm glue before applying it on the panel or canvas. The alum will make the sizing water resistant and form a jelly-like consistency once the glue has had time to cool down.
  • Apply the glue as a jelly, in a single, thin layer by using a spatula.
  • Let the size dry for approximately 24 hours.

Distemper Paint Recipe
Hide glue and gelatine both provide a low cost, easily formulated paint which is called distemper. Diluted with water, it is good for color sketching, as well as for painting. Distemper paintings have lasted for centuries without change.

1 part hide glue (dry)
10 parts water

  • Leave the glue in water overnight or for a full day.
  • Let the glue absorb as much water as it can, then pour off the excess water.
  • Warm this swollen glue buy surrounding the container with hot tap water. This will cause it to melt. All hide glues should never be heated over 140 F.

How to Use
Work the dry pigments with water into a heavy paste with a pallete knife. Then grind the pigment into the warm solution of glue. Keep the paints warm enough to remain in solution while painting with them, and use warm water to dilute them. Use a bristle brush for painting, applying the paint in thin layers to glue-sized paper, cardboard, panel, or canvas. This method is excellent for alla prima painting and for thin underpainting. To harden and preserve the paint film, spray the dried painting with a 10% solution of water and alum.

Availibility: Usually ships within 24 hours.

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