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Iconofile: Icons and Sacred Art Iconofile: Icons and Sacred Art
Members-only area Discussion about icons, icon painting and theology and art Exhibits, lectures, workshops, tours Guide to icon painters, instructors, etc. Shop for icons, art supplies, books
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Iconofile Journal Issue 1 2003

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George O'Hanlon, editor
Publisher: Iconofile, 2003
Size: 297 x 210 mm (11.73 x 8.25 in.), 56 pages, 16 full-color pages, Saddlestitched.

Iconofile is a print Journal concerned with the ideas, symbols and practice that define the unique role and properties of icons. The Journal offers some of the finest articles, book and multimedia reviews, and information regarding icons and sacred visual art available. Iconofile is an A4 size publication with 36 to 60 pages, and 8-16 pages of full-color images of icons and wall paintings in each issue.

The first issue of Iconofile, the print journal concerned with all that is icons and sacred art. Each issue contains full-color images of icons, important articles on iconography, icon painting and topics related to icons and other sacred visual art.

Here are what some readers of the first issue had to say about it:

I am thrilled with the Iconofile Journal! I especially like the selection from Kontoglou's writing. —Lazarus Reid, icon painter and lecturer

The first issue of Iconofile is impressive.—Lewis Wright, icon painter

Slava IC XC! ICONOFILE arrived today! WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!—John Barns, author

The Journal is excellent. I look forward to being able to read it in its entirety. With Holy Week upon us, reading it needs some special concentrated time. Good luck with the future issues. Peace and all good!—Clairvaux McFarland, OSF

I have been enjoying reading the new Journal. The layout is really beautiful and you must have spent an awful lot of time working on this—plus the time for translating. CONGRATULATIONS!
I drooled over the language of the Perez Dal Lago article and "diaphanous vigor" runs through my mind every now and then. The Rilke quote is very fitting. I dusted off my Rilke poetry book, unread for years, but could not find the quote though I remember it distinctly and think it must be part of Duineser Elegien.
The cover and article about the Color Red reminded me that I do not have a fitting icon for Easter so now I am planning to do one of the descent of Christ into Hell. The color reproductions are extraordinarily good.
—Heidi Moore, icon painter

Me ha llegado su espléndida revista. Me hace un gran honor al incluirme entre sus colaboradores. Todo me ha parecido estupendo. Lo felicito de corazó.—Pbro. Eduardo Gabriel Pérez dal Lago, priest, icon painter and author

Congratulations on the Journal. It's very well done—I'm sure it will be a big success.—Bart Pass, icon painter

Contents of Iconofile Summer 2003 (Issue 1)

The Symbolism of the Color Red
by Adolf Ovchinnikov

Symbols as a Means of Accessing the Mystery of God
by Eduardo Gabriel Pérez del Lago

The Meaning of the Pantocrator in the Dome
by Photis Kontoglou

Two Worlds in Old Russian Icon Painting
by Evgeniï Trubetskoï

Russian Icon Designs by Gleb Markelov--Book Review
by John R. Barns

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