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Mary : Images of the Holy Mother

Item No: 150:0811828506
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Author: Jacqueline Orsini
ISBN: 0811828506
Publisher: Chronicle Books, October 1, 2000
Size: 17 x 236 x 200 mm (0.66 x 9.31 x 7.87 in.), 96 pages, Hardcover

Book Description
Although she is mentioned only a few times in the Bible, Mary, the mother of Jesus, is the most holy and revered woman in the Christian world. Through the ages she has inspired millions through her quietly majestic visage, and is second only to Jesus as a revered subject for artists over the centuries. Mary: Images of the Holy Mother is a visual celebration of Mary that takes an international and comprehensively historic view of this exalted religious figure. From the earliest known depiction in a fourth-century Roman catacomb to modern murals and colorful tattoos, folk and popular images of Mary abound between the pages of this vibrant collection. Also lending their own renowned versions of Mary are such great artists as Henry Moore, Paul Gauguin, Francisco de Zurbaran, Rufino Tamayo, Edward Munch, and Fra Filippo Lippi. A breathtaking visual feast, Mary invites people of all faiths to contemplate her endless manifestations.

About the Author
Jacqueline Orsini has written extensively on Our Lady of Guadalupe and Tibetan religion. She holds degrees in art history and world religions, and is the author of two previous books.

Mary: Images of the Holy Mother is Jacqueline Orsini's beautiful, succinct, pictorial survey of art history's many incarnations of the Virgin Mother, from a fresco in the Roman catacombs to a modern mural in San Francisco. The book is organized chronologically, collecting reproductions of Mary's constantly transforming image in Byzantine, Romanesque, Gothic, Renaissance, Counter Reformation, and various 20th century movements. Artists represented in the book include Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci, Van Gogh, Chagall, and Gauguin. At every stage in this evolution, Orsini's compilation of images is guided by her conviction that "Mary transcends the media, the temporal and regional restrictions, and human limitations that govern her image in any one era. The meaning of the icon outweighs the individual artist or epoch." Therefore, this book becomes an occasion for inspiration; turning its pages provides an experience of communion. Orsini writes, "As we look at Mary, she looks back at us through the eyes of art."--Paul Power

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