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Iconofile: Icons and Sacred Art Iconofile: Icons and Sacred Art
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Iconofile Resource Guide

Iconofile Resource Guide


Reproduction of Medieval Italian Icons

Icon Saint Catherine of Alexandria
Icon Saint Catherine of Alexandria

The displayed works are accomplished through the use of ancient pictorial techniques passed on by Cennino Cennini. Each icon or biccherna is painted on wood supports of Poplar, Linden, Cherry wood and Chestnut, wisely left to season for many years before their use as painting panels. In order to make the paint, powdered pigments, glue and resins of natural origin mixed with egg yolk are employed – egg yolk tempera. Gilding is accomplished through the use of thin leaves of pure gold 24k/8k using the a’ guazzo technique by spreading a layer of Armenian plaster over a substrate of a preparation composed of plaster and glue for gilders (rigorously exempt of chemical and synthetic products). The decorative motifs of the halos and frames are entirely accomplished through the use of instruments used by goldsmiths, called burins (stamps) or dies.


Bottega d'arte Toscana


Silvia Salvadori,  


via Procacci n.11
Monte San Savino   52048 Italy




Link to Bottega d'arte Toscana Web Site


Resource Guide to Icons and Sacred Art

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