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Iconofile: Icons and Sacred Art Iconofile: Icons and Sacred Art
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Iconofile Resource Guide

Iconofile Resource Guide

The Resource Guide can help you to find painters, fiber artists and metal workers in sacred art. It is also a resource for iconographers to locate services and materials needed in their work. If you provide products and services you can also list it in the guide.

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Murals:  Hand Painted

Artist - Todor Boychev 

Todor D. Boychev 

Bulgaria   Bulgaria 

Atelier "Byzart" 

Atelier "Byzart" 

Bulgaria   Kjustendil 

Sotirios Panailidis - Atelier for Byzantine Murals 

Sotirios Panailidis 

Greece   Katerini 

Ilian Rachov Icon Painter from Bulgaria 

Ilian Rachov 

Italy   Torino 

Murals Painted in the True Fresco Technique 

Byzantine Sacred Art 

Romania   Bucharest 

Frescoes by Pskov (Russia) 

Icon Painting Workshop of St. John the Baptist 

Russian Federation   Pskov 

Sacred Murals Studio 

Philip Davydov 

Russian Federation   St. Petersburg 

Fresco-Icon Workshop 

Boris Markus 

Serbia and Montenegro * Niksic 

Aidan Hart Frescoes 

Aidan Hart 

United Kingdom   Shrewsbury, Shropshire 

Byzantine Studio: Matthew Kalamidas 

Byzantine Studio 

United States NY Old Bethpage 

Iconographer Vladimir Grygorenko 

Vladimir Grygorenko 

United States TX Dallas 

Minic's Iconpainting Studio 

Minic's Iconpainting Studio 

Yugoslavia   Belgrade 

Resource Guide to Icons and Sacred Art

Do you offer services and products for icon painters? Do you restore or collect icons? Do you conduct workshops? Do you teach or apprentice icon-painting students? Have your business or listing published here, so you may be a part of the guide.

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