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Iconofile: Icons and Sacred Art Iconofile: Icons and Sacred Art
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Iconofile Resource Guide

Iconofile Resource Guide


Association of Iconographers of Ireland

The Association of Iconographers of Ireland was set up as a result of a course in 1992 given by Guillem Ramos-Poquí from Barcelona. The following year, we had a course from Solrunn Nes, a Norwegian iconographer and in 1995, Eva Vlavianos, a Greek Orthodox icon restorer living in Paris, came to Ireland and has been our mentor ever since. While several Irish iconographers have gone to Paris for tuition there, the Association runs its own courses for Beginners, the tutors being drawn from among our senior members. The tutors work as a team and are careful to faithfully pass on Eva’s techniques.

For the millennium, the Association held a prestigious exhibition - ICON 2000 - in Galway Cathedral. We were honoured to have our exhibition launched by His Eminence Archbishop Gregorios, Greek Orthodox Archbishop of Thyateira and Great Britain, who very kindly lent us two icons belonging to the Greek community in London. We also got three icons from the Greek community in Dublin, all of which added to the high profile of the exhibition. The opening of the Exhibition was preceded by an ecumenical service in the Cathedral, attended by representatives of the various Churches in the surrounding area.

The icons, the majority of which were provided by our members after very strict assessment, were presented thematically on ten large triptychs, with an icon of the Pantocrator and the letters Alpha and Omega in gold on top of each. The royal blue background of the triptychs was ideal, contrasting with the brilliant gold and colours of the subjects, which were identified for the viewer from a central stand. The central panel portrayed the principal theme, while the side panels showed sub-themes or related themes. The final triptych by Solrunn Nes portrayed the cosmic Christ as Light of the World. To Him be the glory forever and ever. Amen.

As the members of the Association are spread throughout Ireland and beyond, contact is maintained by a periodical Newsletter. Also, some regions hold an occasional Paint-In, which gives help and support to the members in that locality.

Application Forms for membership may be had from the Secretary:

Sr. Majella O’Keeffe,
47 Forster Street,
Email: wprovarc@oceanfree.net


Association of Iconographers of Ireland


Sr. Majella O'Keeffe, Secretary


47 Forster St
Galway     Ireland






Resource Guide to Icons and Sacred Art

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