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Iconofile Resource Guide

Iconofile Resource Guide

Hand Painted

Kovcheg Icon Painting Workshop

St. George and the Dragon, 2001, 45x33 cm (wood, pavoloka, levkas, tempera, gold leaf)
St. George and the Dragon, 2001, 45x33 cm (wood, pavoloka, levkas, tempera, gold leaf)

The Icon Painting Workshop Kovcheg was established in Yaroslavl, Russia in 1995. The mission of its founders is to rejuvenate and develop the art of Russian Orthodox icon painting. The most skilled contemporary icon painters of Yaroslavl -- Anton Belov, Julia Belova, Eugenia Rizhova and Stas Toropov -- united to form the Workshop Kovcheg to re-establish the old traditions of the Yaroslavl Icon School. Anton and Julia Belov are the masters of the Workshop. The Workshop Kovcheg belongs to the artistic workshops of the Russian Patriarchy.

Their icons have been exhibited in the Kremlin Museum in Moscow, at exhibits in the Bolshoi Theatre and during "Days of Russian Culture" in Germany. Together they have painted over 1000 icons during their career as iconographers. Among their most significant works is the icon of the "Seventy Apostles". It was presented as a gift in honor of the seventieth birthday of the Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia, Alexy II. Recently the icon painters of the workshop completed the icon "St. Tikhon the Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia" with scenes from his life. Between the years 1898 and 1907, St. Tikhon was the bishop of Alaska and America. The icon was a gift of His Holiness Alexy II, the Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia, to the city of Arkhangelsk.


Kovcheg Icon Painting Workshop


Julia Belov, Iconographer


11a-24 Trefoleva St
Yaroslavl   150000 Russian Federation








Link to Kovcheg Icon Painting Workshop Web Site


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