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Iconofile: Icons and Sacred Art Iconofile: Icons and Sacred Art
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Iconofile Resource Guide

Iconofile Resource Guide

Hand Painted

Sotirios Panailidis - Atelier for Byzantine Icons

St. John the Divine (detail)
St. John the Divine (detail)

Sotirios Panailidis studied icon painting on the Holy Mountain for two years, with father Arsenius (at the holy cell of Bourazeri - St. Nicholas) and father Kallistos Polatidis (holy cell Saint Metrophanous Kaspala). The knowledge of tradition as well as of the techniques of the great masters of icon painting in the past, constitute for him the basis and the motive to further personal progress. His work on every icon starts with careful reading on the life of the Saint he is depicting, in order to conceive it and try to transfer it to the expression of the Saint's face and body. He executes his icons with egg tempera, paying a lot of attention to the choice of colours and shades. He uses two gilding techniques: a classical one and water gilding. His icons are in numerous churches and personal collections in Greece, Italy, USA, Russia, Australia, Germany, Serbia, and Holy Maintain. Apart from that, he painted icons for the Ecumenical Patriarch Vartholomeo, Patriarch of Serbia Pavle, Metropolite of Kitros and Katerini Agathoniko, historian of art and byzantologist Ph.D. Prof. Konstantinos Delianis, etc.


Sotirios Panailidis


Sotirios Panailidis,  


Dorileoy 7
Katerini   601 00 Greece




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Resource Guide to Icons and Sacred Art

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